Letter songs are always a hit with my children at UCP’s Early Beginnings Academy. Learning the alphabet and recognizing letters are a huge topic for any preschooler or kindergartener! The teachers at Early Beginnings use a program called BELL (Building Early Language and Literacy) to teach phonological awareness, letter recognition, print awareness, and reading skills.

I work closely with the teachers to find out what letter they are working on with the children and how my music therapy sessions can supplement what they are teaching. Thus, “The Letter M” song was created! Of course any letter of the alphabet can be substituted, but I chose to go with M. Here’s how the song goes…

Here are some suggestions for implementation:

– Basic – I create a board that has a large, colorful letter M on it. Surrounding it are velcro pictures of things that start with the letter M (for example, marshmallow, monster, milk, etc.) The lyrics of the song cue the children to choose a picture of something that starts with the letter M and label it.

– Advanced – On the same board I will add pictures of things that don’t begin with the letter M to make it more challenging (for example, dog, guitar, computer, etc.)

– Advanced – I then extend the activity away from the board and ask the children to find things in the room that begin with the letter M (including children!).