A Spring Session Idea to Reengage Your Young Clients

April was Autism Awareness Month and I had the opportunity to do something I LOVE to do: travel to different library branches throughout Miami-Dade county and lead Rockin’ and Readin’ music therapy sessions. Rockin’ and Readin’ is a program I created to bring music therapy sessions to the libraries in our area. Our focus in […]


Sense-ational Activities ~ Springtime Sounds

Auditory Stimulation In honor of the beginning of Spring (although it always feels like Spring in Miami!) I’m continuing my series on Sense-ational Activities. Sense-ational activities are those that target the five senses. I’ve shared activities that provide olfactory stimulation, tactile stimulation, and multisensory stimulation. Today’s post will focus on an activity I use to provide auditory stimulation. […]


Sense-ational Activities ~ “So Many Scents”

Olfactory Stimulation At UCP’s Early Beginnings Academy, I work with many children who have a diagnosis of severe and profound intellectual disability. For these children, stimulation of the five senses is very important. In my previous Sense-ational Activity post, I shared a song and activity about providing tactile stimulation. Here’s an original song I wrote […]