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Making The Most Of Professional Collaborations (Part 1- with teachers)


One thing I've learned in my fourteen years as a music therapist is that it is better when we work together. Cue Jack Johnson singing "it's always better when we're together." One of my favorite parts about working in a school setting is co-treating with other professionals. I have learned a tremendous amount from co-treating [...]

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Have You Dusted Off Your Conference Notes?


If you're anything like me, you get SUPER EXCITED about conference. There's the preparation and planning out of your session schedule. There's travel to a new destination (even if it is only to see the inside of the hotel!) And there's the reconnecting with music therapy friends and colleagues that you haven't seen in years. [...]

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The Conference Glow


It's been about two weeks since the National Conference took place in Dallas and I have to say, I think I still have the "conference glow." (Quite the opposite of conference hangover, right?!) This year's conference was amazing. I'm fairly certain I say that every year (in fact last year I called it Ahhhh-mazing), but [...]

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How To Stay Cool At Conference


Music therapists - do you ever hear colleagues talk about "conference hangover?" It always makes me feel a little sad when I hear this term because I know the point of conference is for us to feel energized and not drained. That got me thinking about how we can have a really great conference experience, [...]

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What To Do With All Those Conference Notes?


National Conference was Ahhhh-mazing!! I must admit I'm still on a bit of a conference high. I attended presentations on everything from how to  start a music therapy program at a hospital to music therapy for trauma-influenced children to the Orff approach to music therapy. At each session I learned something new or was able to look through [...]

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