{VIDEO SERIES} Music Therapy + Cognition Part 3

Today is the final post for my video series on Music Therapy + Cognition. I've had so much fun putting these videos together! You can catch up on the past posts and videos here: Part 1: Using the clarinet to work on localization Part 2: Using rhythm instruments to work on auditory perception skills Today [...]

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{VIDEO SERIES} Music Therapy + Cognition Part 2

Two weeks ago I started a new blog series that I was SUPER excited about: how we can use music therapy interventions to address cognitive function. And then... website decided it did not want to play nice anymore. I had a few little glitches occur, which is why the blog post for last Wednesday [...]

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{NEW Video Series} Music Therapy + Cognition Part 1

I love watching videos of other music therapists in their sessions with clients. I gain so many new ideas for songs, interventions and methods of implementation. I try to contribute by sharing my own videos: Check out my Music Therapy in Action page to watch videos of me working with clients to address sensory integration, [...]

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I Am Santa {VIDEO + Free Sheet Music!}

Happy Holiday season! I'm so happy to be writing this post with the lights from our Christmas tree twinkling next to me. While brainstorming new ideas for my sessions with young children, I came up with this simple little song about Santa. It's an echo song and the melody is repetitive, so kids will be [...]

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Advocacy on AmericaTeve

A few months ago (November to be exact!) I received a phone call from AmericaTeve, a Miami-based Spanish language news station. They were presenting a series on autism and wanted to close that series with a piece on autism and music therapy. They asked if they could come interview me and videotape me working with a client during a [...]

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Sensational Ideas for Working with Children with Autism (Part 3)

Friday was my last day with the children at UCP!! I can't believe it! I'll be leaving United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) to start my new position as Interim Professor of Music Therapy at University of Miami. There are many things that I'll miss about UCP, but most of all will be the children. Don't worry ~ [...]

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Cupcakes + Music + Math = A Winning Combination

I am finally back in the swing of things after a wonderful whirlwind of wedding festivities! (By the way, my favorite discussion so far with my preschoolers went like this: One child: "Amy got married!" Another: "She graduated!" I love how their minds work.) Today, I am sharing a video that goes along with this [...]

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Presenting….UCP Star Singers!!

Happy Saturday Song Share! Next week at this time I will be in sessions at the National Music Therapy Conference, diligently taking notes, and I could not be more excited. So today I wanted to share an extra special video with you. Last week we took a group of children to sing at the annual fundraising [...]

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Sense-ational Activities ~ “Roll the Cabasa”

Tactile Stimulation Today I am starting a series about "sense-ational" music therapy activities. Many of the children I work with at UCP's Early Beginnings Academy have a diagnosis of severe and profound intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. Both groups of children benefit from what we call "sensory based" activities - activities that tap into [...]

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