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A Camping We Will Go


I've recently been beefing up my arsenal of activities for the school-age population (grades K-5). Two years ago I started working at a school for children with special needs, and it's been a great exercise in creativity for me! I have lots of ideas for working with children and teens, but not many that are [...]

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Favorite Resource for Addressing Academic Concepts (Part 2)


There are a ton of lesson and session planning resources out there for teachers and therapists who work with children. Just scroll through Pinterest and you'll see the ideas out there are endless! One of the best resources I've found for creating visuals for my academic activities is a site called This site has free [...]

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Music + Math in Therapy


Hello blog readers! This week I led a Mommy & Me at the Library Music Session at the Key Biscayne Library and boy did we have fun! We did a song story about baby animals, sang the blues with mini microphones, twirled with rainbow colored streamers, danced a country hoe-down with the parachute, and played [...]

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Cupcakes + Music + Math = A Winning Combination


I am finally back in the swing of things after a wonderful whirlwind of wedding festivities! (By the way, my favorite discussion so far with my preschoolers went like this: One child: "Amy got married!" Another: "She graduated!" I love how their minds work.) Today, I am sharing a video that goes along with this [...]

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Drumming By Number


As I type this post Steve and I are about 3 weeks away from our wedding day! I could not be more excited! Thank you to everyone who replied or commented on my Here Comes the Bride Post with fun song suggestions for our reception. We have lots of great songs to choose from - let [...]

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Fun With File Folder Games


I don't know about you, but sometimes it's refreshing to just drop all the things you were "supposed to do" from your To Do list and just spend time with family and enjoy a beautiful day. That is just what I did yesterday, which is why I didn't get the chance to write my usual Saturday morning blog post. I [...]

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I Like to Eat Ice Cream


Welcome to another edition of...Saturday Song Share! The weather has been unbearably hot here in Miami (as always!) With that being the case, I thought it would be appropriate to release my song entitled "I Like to Eat Ice Cream."  I can eat ice cream any time of year, but there is nothing better than cold [...]

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