Advocacy on AmericaTeve

A few months ago (November to be exact!) I received a phone call from AmericaTeve, a Miami-based Spanish language news station. They were presenting a series on autism and wanted to close that series with a piece on autism and music therapy. They asked if they could come interview me and videotape me working with a client during a […]


A Month For Music Therapy Advocacy

As music therapists, we are constantly advocating for our profession throughout the year. Now there is a dedicated month for Music Therapy Advocacy – January! Last year, I wrote my first blog on music therapy advocacy and am excited to start working on my blog post for this year. Here’s how YOU can get in on […]


It Takes Two!

I am amazed by the number of articles that come out each week about music therapy. Coming off of advocacy month in January, it is always exciting to see these stories spotlight a different music therapist and a different “type” of music therapy (hospice, special education, medical, etc). I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for not […]