Tune In To Teens Rockstars!

You recently enrolled in the Tune In To Teens E-Course and chose either the Basic Package (just the E-Course) or Advanced Package (E-Course + Article Review). I hope you’ve enjoyed the course and have been applying the ideas in your sessions.

Many of you have expressed that you’re interested in continuing your E-Learning (yay!)

And, that you’d like more resources and support for your work with school-age and teen clients (yes!)

So, I wanted to share with you some add-on packages that go hand-in-hand with the E-Course, and give you the opportunity to dive deeper into these topics and earn CMTE credits.

🎧 Advanced: Article Review + Thought Questions
3 months access
3 CMTE credits (pre-approved)
You’ll read the article “Psychological Functions of Music in Adolescence” (I’ll provide it to you!) and answer reflection questions that will allow you to dig deep into the relationship that teens have with “their” music. This will help you gain a better understanding of how to leverage that relationship therapeutically. As you learned in the E-Course, the therapeutic relationship is not just between you and your teen client, it’s between you, your teen client and the music. This package will help you create sessions that are meaningful and engaging for the individuals with whom you work.

🎸 Elevate: Email Idea Subscription + Support
6 months access
7 CMTE credits 
You’ll receive one package of session ideas for teen clients straight to your inbox at the beginning of each month. The ideas will be in PDF format and include all the information you’ll need to prepare and facilitate the musical experiences. That includes step-by-step instructions, lyrics, MP3s, visuals, musical game templates, and listening guides. Each month will target a different area of clinical need and you’ll receive brand new ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Musical game ideas
  • Music and art experiences
  • Ideas for song discussion
  • Auditory perception and rhythm exercises
  • Ideas for creating hip hop beats and using GarageBand in a therapeutic manner
  • Musical experiences that incorporate current pop songs

With each month’s idea you’ll also receive a Creativity Worksheet that prompts you to plan out goals, objectives, and musical experiences in that domain for your unique clients. You’ll also have email access to ask me any questions regarding  topics that pertain to working with teens with special needs, such as:

  • Creating goals and objectives
  • Creating musical experiences
  • Building rapport
  • Group management
  • Determining musical preferences and learning repertoire
  • Using pop music in a therapeutic manner

🎵 Pro: Article Review + Thought Qs | Email Idea Subscription + Support
6 months access
10 CMTE credits
Combination of the Advanced + Elevate Packages (see above)

Choose the package that best fits your needs and interests:

Want to access the Tune In To Teens Add-Ons for FREE? We are now accepting Purchase Orders, so any of the above packages can be paid for with school funds or district funds. To request an estimate or an invoice, or to submit a Purchase Order, email me at: Amy@WHmusictherapy.com or click here to send me an email via our contact form.

Tech troubles? If you experience any “tech” troubles at any time, just send me an email: Amy@WHmusictherapy.com or click here to send me an email via our contact form. I’m here to help and typically respond within 24 hours to assist (usually less!)

Statement of Relationship to CBMT: The Tune In To Teens Add-Ons are approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 3 – 10 Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. Wholesome Harmonies, LLC, Provider #152 maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with the package, you have 15 days from the purchase date to contact Amy Kalas Buser, the director of Wholesome Harmonies, LLC. Amy may be contacted via at Amy@WHmusictherapy.com. Refund requests must be accompanied by a thorough explanation of why you are unsatisfied along with the completed Creativity Worksheets. The course instructor reserves the right to approve or deny refund requests on a case-by-case basis.

Have questions? I’ve got answers! Send me an email to Amy@WHmusictherapy.com or via our contact form :)