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Virtual Music Services

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Virtual Music Services

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Have you heard the word? We are now offering telehealth music services!

  • Individual Music Therapy

  • Group Music Therapy

  • Adapted Music Lessons

  • Early Childhood Classes

We’re happy to be able to provide these virtual services so our current clients can continue receiving services, and so we can meet new friends around the world to make music with online.

Click here to contact us about setting up virtual services with one of our wonderful board-certified music therapists or teachers.

The wonderful thing about telehealth services is that they can be scheduled at “virtually” any time! Our therapists and teachers are available to schedule services throughout the week at a time that is convenient for you and your child. Services can be scheduled once a week or multiple times per week.

What can I expect from a virtual music therapy session?
You can expect to have fun and make a lot of music! In our virtual music therapy sessions, we engage our clients in songwriting, singing and song discussion, movement and dancing, and musical games. We use online programs like GarageBand to create looped beats and record songs. Throughout the session, the therapist will use lots of colorful visuals to engage your child – we’ll show song lyrics, musical game boards, songwriting templates, and visuals.

What if I don’t have any musical instruments?
Not a problem! You’re not required to have any musical instruments or materials. It is encouraged, though, and we are happy to provide recommendations for items to purchase.

What can I expect from a virtual music lesson?
Your teacher will request pictures of your child’s lesson book pages so they can follow along. The teacher will facilitate your child in playing from their lesson book, improvising, and composing, and lead them in ear training exercises – everything we do in our in-person lessons!

What equipment do I need?
A computer or smart device. We use Facetime, Zoom, or Doxy to facilitate sessions. Your teacher or therapist will be in touch with you prior to the session and give you instructions for how to connect for the session.

We accept private pay clients; Wholesome Harmonies is also a provider for the Family Empowerment Scholarship from Step Up For Students and Sunshine Health Medicaid, both of which cover our services at 100%. We take care of billing on your behalf.

“The lessons are going great. Lucas can be a handful, but Yank’l is so patient with him. He is warming up to the piano and tries to play what she taught him on his own. We are very happy!”

Jessica Espinosa • Mother of Lucas