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Why Vulnerability is Critical When You’re a Music Therapist


In last week's blog post, I shared about a musical experience I facilitated where clients were prompted to create and perform their own rap. I also let you in on a little secret. I created and performed my own rap along with the clients and was so nervous that it caught me completely off guard! My [...]

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Come Together…Right Now


Things are cooling off here in Miami and it's beginning to feel a lot like....spring? With temperatures in the 70s it's hard to believe we're gearing up for the holidays, but we are and I can't wait! Things have been moving full speed ahead here at Wholesome Harmonies! We've been adding new music therapy clients [...]

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Why Silence Can Be More Powerful Than Sound


As music therapists we are skilled at using various musical elements to systematically help us achieve or bring about a desired behavior. In my work with children with autism and other special needs, I use the V7 chord to build anticipation and prompt a verbal response. ("It's's!") I use a 6/8 meter to [...]

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