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Tune In To Teens is an E-Course designed for music therapists and music teachers who work with teens with special needs and are passionate about providing sessions that truly rock (that’s you right?!) Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll receive 5 continuing education credits (we’re approved CBMT providers!)

In the course, you’ll learn a variety of super creative and engaging interventions that target the following goal areas: social/emotional, motor/physical, attention, relaxation and creativity/self-expression.

You’ll learn through:

  • Video with powerpoint slides
  • Video demonstrations & session videos
  • Garageband tutorials

You’ll receive:

  • Sheet music & MP3s to make learning songs a breeze
  • Creativity worksheets to help you generate your own session ideas
  • Pop Song Bonuses that will show you how to find and therapeutically use popular music that’s at the top of the charts


The E-Course will boost your confidence in session planning and facilitation, allowing you to lead sessions that are not only goal-oriented, but ones that are considered cool by your clients too.

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