• Includes 5 original MP3 tracks with looped beats. Beats can be used for themed rapping or freestyle rapping (as described in the Rap Pack for Teens) or they can be used for movement or instrument interventions.
  • The Rap Pack for Teens provides ideas for how to use raps to work on a variety of goals during your teen music therapy sessions. It includes an E-Book full of ideas plus 12 MP3 tracks with looped beats for rapping. You'll learn how to create and perform rhythm combo raps and freestyle raps, plus tons of ways to vary and extend each musical experience. "The ideas are creative and clearly laid out, and the CD tracks are really useful! The teen population can sometimes be tricky to find "cool" and appropriate music therapy experiences for, so new ideas are always a treat!! I've already recommended the Rap Pack to several colleagues!" - Elizabeth Buckmaster, MEd, MT-BC  
  • Tuneful Teens 2 is packed with more ideas to get your creative juices flowing when session planning for teens with special needs. The 50-page E-Book is filled with song ideas, sheet music, and templates for a variety of activities and musical games that are appropriate and engaging for teens with special needs. The Tuneful Teens E-Book series has sold over 2,500 copies and is updated every six months with all fresh, hot, NEW pop songs! "It's my go-to resource for new ideas to do with teen clients." - Kristin Schneider, Music Therapy Intern