Vicky Culp, MT-BC

Board-Certified Music Therapist and Piano Instructor

Vicky Culp I received my bachelors in music therapy from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania in 2012 and immediately started an internship at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas Texas where I worked with patients as young as a few days old up to 18 years.  The area I focused on specifically while interning was in patient and outpatient psychiatry.

Once I finished my internship I worked for a private practice, Music Therapy Services of Texas and traveled to different schools working with students in special education on their academic, fine motor, speech, gross motor, and social goals for 2 years.

I also have experience working in two mental health facilities in North Texas with adolescents, adults, and older adults on healthy self-expression and positive coping skills.  I worked as a special education teacher for a year with early childhood ages 3-5, where I acted as a case manager and main instructor for over 20 little ones. I recently moved to the Miami area as a newlywed and love to run and compose new songs in my spare time.


Kind Words About Vicky ~

“I must tell you how great Vicky is. She really exercises our breathing, our vocal strength and our movement. She has great song selection skills for music therapy. She is nice and very personable.”
– President of one of the organizations serviced by Wholesome Harmonies

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