Kind Words from our Clients

“I firmly believe music therapy apart from ST, PT, PT and ABA gave us results…if you’re in Miami, Amy is the best.”
– Pilar Pitty, mother of Lukas age 8

“Congrats Amy!  You are so amazing and totally have impacted my son in a positive manner. Because of you, Jayden to this date, knows how to recognize the sound of the guitar, piano drums, etc. when listening to music. I am PRO-MUSIC THERAPY!!!
– Sylvia Soto, mother of Jayden

“The therapy with Yank’l has been going great. Daniel is really loving it and he looks forward to Tuesdays for the session. The whole day he says ‘I want teacher Yank’l!’ We are truly happy with Yank’l and the therapy.”
– Lisbeth Prieto, mother of Daniel

I  wanted to let you know  how much I enjoy sitting in on Claire’s music classes. I don’t always get a chance to join. She is great! I love her social and interactive songs, they get the kids thinking about different social settings. So awesome!”
– Breindy Dechter, Coordinator of Friendship Circle Miami Beach

“Amy, I am always so impressed with all the learning and educational components you incorporate into the music therapy session. It’s great that you do different things with each group that are age appropriate. You’re wonderful with the kids and you’re so well prepared.”
– Nechama Harlig, Director of Friendship Circle Miami

“The lessons are going great. Lucas can be a handful, but Yank’l is so patient with him. He is warming up to the piano and tries to play what she taught him on his own. We are very happy!
– Jessica Espinosa, mother of Lucas

Of all the programs I’ve attended at the library, this was by far the best. Amy, you were fantastic. I can see your passion and how much you enjoy what you do.”
– Grandmother attending Toddler Rock at the Miami Beach Library

“Just to let you know, that Allison was awesome. She connected with Nicolas right away. And Nicolas enjoyed it so much. I couldn’t believe what she was be able to get from him. I was amazed. I’m so happy I made the decision to call you.
– Wendy Gutierrez, mother of Nicolas age 10

“Aidan is doing great with Yank’l, she is absolutely amazing!
– Patricia Dominguez, mother of Aidan age 4

“We look forward to working with your company for a long time to come. Claire is fantastic!
– Joe Glick, President of Park Optimists of Miami

“C. is truly enjoying his sessions with Allison. He always looks forward to Wednesdays! Allison is amazing, she is so perfect for C. with her low key demeanor and soft spoken voice. C. is definitely responding to her and willing to work for her. I wish she could live with me!!!  They seem to be working on recognizing different feelings and emotions with the piano, so he can change the anxiouness to more calm at will with and without the keyboard.  I’m am hoping with practice this will carry over into his daily activities.”
– Mother of C.

“We absolutely adore Ms. Monica and are thrilled to start therapy and lessons with her!”
– Jennifer Asselin, mother of MJ

“Branden really enjoys Jenny. She’s super talented and very patient with Branden.”
– Serena Spina, mother of Branden

“Our son is doing amazing! He loves the music sessions with Claire. We look forward to seeing his face light up every Wednesday.”
– Parent of young child receiving individual music therapy


Kind Words from other Music Therapists

Thank you for inspiring music therapists to develop and enrich their abilities. I am grateful to have grown so much and for your dedication to helping other music therapists.”
– Anna Mallard, LPC, MT-BC, NMT

“I just wanted to say how helpful and inspirational your site is! I’ve just began my music therapy journey and the tips and ideas are so helpful. I cannot thank you enough for you posting so much useful information on your website and your brilliant updates through your newsletters. Love the videos!! And the amount of resources you have available on your website is remarkable, you really are fantastic practitioner. You can really tell how passionate you are about your work and how much you want to help other people help children and young people through music therapy.
– Luke Jones, Wales UK

“Hi Amy,
I’ve enjoyed receiving your newsletter for sometime now but have been remiss in letting you know why I like it so much!
I love your generous spirit in sharing your talents and discoveries on what works best for you. Always I feel your positiveness,  and invariably also feel inspired to try something new or to adapt an idea.
THANK YOU for the gifts you bring.
Regards, Erin”

* All comments used with permission *