At Wholesome Harmonies, we believe individuals with special needs can reach their maximum potential in an environment that is engaging, creative, and fun. My name is Amy Kalas Buser and I am a board-certified music therapist and the director of Wholesome Harmonies, LLC.

Wholesome Harmonies offers a variety of services to those in and around Miami, FL, including individual and group music therapy, and traditional and adapted lessons on guitar, piano, and ukulele. All of our board-certified music therapists specialize in working with children with autism and other special needs.

We use music and movement to engage children in learning; we use colorful props and visuals to inspire children; we use structure to teach children; we use encouragement to motivate children; and we use music as our tool to enrich the development of children and teens of ALL abilities!

“I firmly believe music therapy apart from ST, PT, OT and ABA gave us results…
if you’re in Miami, Amy is the best.”

- Pilar Pitty, mother of Lukas age 8

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