Consultations & Presentations

Amy offers consultations on the following topics:

  • Working with children with autism & other special needs
  • Working with teens with autism & other special needs
  • Creation of library music therapy programs: Rockin’ & Readin’ at the Library, Baby Rock, and Toddler Rock

Library Program consultations are for those interested in starting Rockin’ & Readin’, Baby Rock or Toddler Rock Programs in their area. Consultations start at $75 and include a one-hour phone call with follow up emails and supplementary materials. Library Programs consultations cover the following topics:

  • How to get your foot in the door
  • Funding
  • Should you do a trial session?
  • Age range
  • Group size limit
  • Time and session length
  • Pricing
  • Specials
  • Marketing & sales copy
  • Session structure
  • Theme ideas
  • Sheet music & mp3 tracks
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Amy offers presentations on the following topics:

  • Music therapy and children with special needs
  • Music therapy and individuals with autism
  • Developmental music for babies and toddlers
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