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While you’re here I want to share something else with you….

If you found the Halloween Rhythm Combo idea inspiring, I’d love for you to check out Tune In To Teens: Creative Ideas for Connection & Music Therapy Session Planning.

Tune In To Teens is an E-course designed for music therapists who work with teens and are passionate about providing sessions that truly rock (that’s you right?!) The course is approved by CBMT for 5 continuing education credits.

In the course, you’ll learn a variety of creative and engaging interventions that target the following goal areas: social/emotional, motor/physical, attention, relaxation and creativity/self-expression.

You’ll learn through:

  • Video with powerpoint slides
  • Video demos & session videos
  • Garageband tutorials

You’ll receive:

  • Sheet music & MP3s to learn songs
  • Creativity worksheets to create your own session ideas
  • Pop Song Bonuses that will show you how to find and therapeutically use popular music that’s at the top of the charts

Cynthia Fahey, MT-BC shared this with me when she completed the course:

“Amy is very knowledgeable and quite obviously loves what she does. I believe that many music therapists would benefit from her knowledge of this particular clientele as well as the push to find your own creativity again.”

I would absolutely love to have you join me in the course. For more details and to sign up, go to: