Private Practice Tips, Tools, & Essentials #5 ~ Gravatar

Today’s blog post wraps up my series Private Practice Tips, Tools, & Essentials. Of course there are SO many more I could share, but it would probably take the series into next year! I hope what I’ve shared has been helpful to you.  I’ve written about…

Two Small Business Resources You Need To Be Using Now



Tamara Suttle – All Things Private Practice

Tracking Mileage

Today, I am going to encourage you to get a Gravatar: a Globally Recognized Avatar. A Gravatar is a small picture that appears with your name when you comment on a blog post. Hop on over to the Gravatar site to upload your picture – it’s free! Your picture should look professional and should be the same across all your social media interactions – on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. That way, you maintain a consistent image that is easily recognizable.

Now that I’ve shared, I would love to hear from YOU! What resources do you consider essential for private practice? What tips and tools do you have? Leave a comment below (and let me see those Gravatars)!

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