Private Practice Tips, Tools, and Essentials ~ #2: Newsletter

My series on Private Practice Tips, Tools, and Essentials continues today with a must-have for any music therapy working in private practice or running an online business: a newsletter! Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your readers and make them feel part of an *exclusive* group. My newsletter subscribers receive information that I don’t share anywhere else! They received a discount on my new ebook Tuneful Teens: Creative Ideas for Engaging Adolescents in Music Therapy, as well as free sheet music for some of my academic songs, and templates for the handouts in my Welcome Packet to new parents. That’s just the beginning! (Hey, are YOU a subscriber yet? Well what are you waiting for? Get on that list!)

Newsletters are also a great way to connect with the parents of clients you serve. You can update them on session registration, let them know about early bird discounts, and inform them of presentations and events. You can also provide them with information on music therapy and suggestions for musical activities they can do at home with their children.

The best part about starting a newsletter? It’s FREE! I use MailChimp and absolutely love it. (And as Michelle Erfurt wrote about on Facebook, I love when I send out my newsletter and MailChimp tells me “High-fives! You deserve a raise!” :)) I’ve heard great things about Aweber, too, although that one is not free.

I definitely consider a newsletter a must-have for music therapists in private practice and those with online businesses. I’d love to hear your feedback – what newsletter service do YOU use? Has starting a newsletter been helpful to your business? Leave a comment below…

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