Musical Goals and the Music Therapist

Do you ever set musical goals for yourself? As music therapists we are master goal writers! We assess our clients, create functional goals and objectives for them and track those goals throughout treatment. Have you ever thought of going through that same process for yourself, musically? It’s something that is top of mind for me […]


Change Up Your Musical Accompaniments With These Simple Ideas

Things have been pretty busy around here! I am in the process of hiring a new music therapist to join our team in Miami and I recently released a CMTE e-course called Tune Into Teens: Creative Ideas for Connection and Music Therapy Session Planning. Those things along with chasing around an almost two-year-old keeps me on […]


Favorite Resource for Addressing Academic Concepts (Part 2)

There are a ton of lesson and session planning resources out there for teachers and therapists who work with children. Just scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see the ideas out there are endless! One of the best resources I’ve found for creating visuals for my academic activities is a site called FileFolderFun.com. This site has free […]


Why I’ve Fallen In Love With My Business

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with my business. Sounds strange, I know. Don’t get me wrong, though, we’ve had our share of rough patches, but right now things are pretty darn good. Let me explain. I used to work a “9-5.” Most of my friends work a 9-5. There are lots of perks to working a 9-5. […]

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