Cupcakes + Music + Math = A Winning Combination

I am finally back in the swing of things after a wonderful whilrwind of wedding festivities!

(By the way, my favorite discussion so far with my preschoolers went like this: One child: “Amy got married!” Another: “She graduated!” I love how their minds work.)

Today, I am sharing a video that goes along with this blog post: Fun with File Folder Games. This post generated a lot of positive feedback and I’m glad people found this resource as cool as I did.

Here is a video clip of an individual music therapy session where I mix cupcakes, music, and math to work on a concept that is in many of the children’s IEPs: matching numeral and quantity. I use the cupcake file folder game along with an original song I wrote to work on this math concept.

It doesn’t hurt that I absolutley love cupcakes. Check out the song and activity here:

Leave a comment below and let me know how YOU address math skills in your music therapy sessions!

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