We Are Spiders

I have to admit it does not feel much like Fall here in Miami! Yesterday we had a high of….what was it, 90?

With weather like that you need a lot of pumpkin candles and cinammon brooms to get in the mood for Fall! But Halloween is STILL my favorite Fall holiday.

Last year, I shared a three-part series on the making of a Halloween Musical I created and worked on with the children at UCP.

The Making of Our Halloween Musical ~ Part 1

The Making of Our Halloween Musical ~ Part 2

Showtime: Our Halloween Musical Debut

What an amazing event! In today’s Saturday Song Share, I’ll be sharing on the of the songs I wrote for this musical, “We Are Spiders.” I used a rhumba accompaniment on keyboard and encouraged the children to move their arms and legs like spiders.

Image courtesy of [bplanet] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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