Spotlight on…Early Beginnings Academy

Today is my first post in a series called “Spotlight on…” This series will focus on different facilities and programs that provide services and resources to individuals with special needs. I hope this information will be beneficial to parents and clinicians alike!

I am very pleased that the first post in this series will focus on one of my favorite places in the world – Early Beginnings Academy! UCP of Miami serves children, teens, and adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities. Within UCP, Early Beginnings Academy is the preschool and charter school that provides early intervention services to children   birth – age 7 with special needs. I have worked at Early Beginnings since 2006 and absolutely love it! Let me tell you some of the things that make it so special:

– Early Beginnings uses the High Scope Curriculum, an evidenced-based curriculum that emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning, adult-child interaction, and a carefully designed learning environment (You can click on the picture below to enlarge) .


– We also practice and receive trainings on Conscious Discipline, a self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning and discipline. The program integrates classroom management with with social-emotional learning and utilizes everyday events as the curriculum.





– At lunch, we use the Family Style Dining program. It is amazing to watch children with intellectual and physical disabilities set their own table with real plates and silverware and serve themselves!








– Early Beginnings offers an exceptional therapy program. Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy services are provided to children who qualify. All children receive group music therapy three times per week in the classroom. Based on assessment from the music therapist, selected children receive individual music therapy or music therapy co-treatment sessions with ST, OT, or PT.

– Early Beginnings utilizes the Handwriting without Tears program, a multi-sensory approach to teaching handwriting.











– In addition to all that work, we still have a LOT of fun!! We go on field trips to the zoo and Miami Seaquarium; we have special programs and musical performances for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, and Multicultural Day; we also have guest visitors such as the City of Miami Fire Department and dance therapists from University of Miami.









As you can see, Early Beginnings is a very special place!


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