Favorite Resources for Addressing…Academic Concepts

I love being a music therapist for children with special needs for many reasons, one of them being that I have the opportunity to create fun, educationally relevant songs and interventions.  The administrators and teachers at UCP love that I am able to support the curriculum by creating songs that target specific academic concepts and are catchy and easy to memorize.

I’ve written songs on everything from rhyming words to addition to the life cycle of a butterfly!  The majority of my songs and interventions are original, but I also rely on a couple of resources to help me out.  Today I’d like to share a few of those resources with you:

Songs for Teaching is one of my favorite websites! Songs are divided into a number of different categories such as: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Life Skills, etc. When you click on a song, you are provided with the lyrics and a sound clip of the song. That’s enough to get you started!

Preschool Express offers a variety of creative ideas categorized into different “stations.” My most frequent visits are to the following stations:

Alphabet Station
Number Station
Music and Rhyme Station

Gayle’s Preschool Rainbow is a site with more creative ideas and themes. The following areas on her website have been most helpful to me…

Alphabet Activity Theme
Brain Growth
Counting and Number Theme
Five Senses (stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on some “sense-ational” activities you can use to target the five senses for children with special needs)
Toddler Themes

What are YOUR go-to sites when it comes to finding ideas for addressing academic concepts?

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